FAQ’s about Massive Bean Bags

massive bean bagsAre you planning to buy a bean bag, make sure that you go through the frequently asked questions on massive bean bags as it will help clear all your queries. Some of the important questions are discussed below:

Q. What is the material used to make the bean bags?
A. Leather or rexin or a combination of the two is used to make the massive bean bags.

Q. Is there any definite shape of these bags?
A. No there is no definite shape. It takes the shape of the person sitting on it.

Q. Is it a portable item?
A. Massive bean bags are lightweight in spite of their huge size. As such they are extremely portable and can be shifted from one place to another without much hassle.

Q. What are the colors available?
A. The massive bean bags are available in red, green, blue, pink, orange, brown and so on.

Q. Are these bags customizable?
A. These bags are customizable and can be made as per the client specifications.

Now that you have answers to all your queries, go ahead and place your order today. Bean bags look great anywhere and can be successfully placed in both your home and office.


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