Points that will Help You Clean Your Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

outdoor bean bag chairCleaning and washing your bean bag chair is quite a bit of a task, more so when it is an indoor one. One of the most important things is cleaning the cover. Yes – it is true that you have the option of removing it and go for a machine wash. However, that depends upon the nature of fabric. The covers of a bean bag chair is typically made up of cotton, heavy polyester, denim, canvas, nylon and the likes. You can go for gentle wash in cold cycle. However, it’s better the leave the beans within their inner liner. Do not remove the beans.

Now coming to the outdoor variety, the outdoor bean bag chair cover is made up of vinyl, faux leather, conventional leather and the likes. You need to simply wipe the covers with a moist sponge. If you are to use water, make sure that is warm and mixed with a mild detergent that will not play with the shades. Refrain from using abrasive cleaners as they tend to damage the fabric and the colour.

Use a soft brush and lukewarm soapy water to get rid of the stubborn spots and things like birds droppings. However, at the end of everything wipe the cover with a clean dry piece of cloth.

Lastly – a strict NO NO! Do NOT the bean bag chair in water – be it cold or warm!


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